Heartbreak After North Carolina’s Disgraceful GOP Continued A Campaign Against Trans People.

True to form North Carolina’s GOP manipulated the rules, broke promises and reinforced costly and dangerous discrimination.

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Art by Micah Bazant
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  1. You are loved, perfect, beautiful, and magical just as you are.
  2. The lawmakers in North Carolina who are targeting your bodies and souls will not win.
  3. We are challenging HB2 in court and we will fight every proposed bill like it. When we lose, we will keep fighting.
  4. Trans people come from a long line of resisters and dreamers and builders — particularly the trans women and femmes of color who have been leading survival movements for generations. Draw strength and vision from those that came before us.
  5. Your bodies are not a threat to anyone.
  6. Your gender is yours and it is real.
  7. I love you.

Lawyer, dad, queer, pats fan

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